Dr. Jose “Zito” Sartarelli has been named West Virginia University’s chief global officer, a role he will assume in addition to serving as dean of the College of Business and Economics.

This appointment will centralize responsibility for all international activities in teaching, research and service. Sartarelli will continue to report to Provost Michele Wheatly.

Sartarelli will develop strong collaborations with the chancellor of health sciences and with the vice presidents of student affairs and research. He will also be accountable to the president for advancing the global engagement goal of the university’s 2020 Strategic Plan.

The CGO will work hand-in-hand with an advisory board representing all university constituents to implement the recommendations of the Global Engagement Round Table and the campus-wide work group that supported the original strategic plan development.

The aggressive goals of the GERT have necessitated a redesign of the academic administrative support structures to accelerate the recruitment and enrollment of international students, enhance internationalization of the curriculum, promote exchange and study abroad opportunities, and lead global research and economic development. The CGO will build effective bridges with other on-campus units that support international students, especially the Office of International Student Affairs and Global Services.

Global Engagement was recently identified as one of four pillars supporting WVU’s commitment to economic development within West Virginia; the other three are research; engagement and outreach; and state relations.

The CGO will connect and accelerate activities in each of the vice presidential domains and will work with the academic deans to promote college level global opportunities. This position will enhance university-wide communication and centralize responsibility for a major goal of the strategic plan: the appointment follows the leadership paradigm of the chief diversity officer and the chief information officer positions.

Sartarelli is uniquely qualified to assume this new leadership position, having a deep understanding of cultures on three continents and broad knowledge of international affairs. A native of Brazil, Sartarelli came to WVU in 2010 following a highly successful career in the pharmaceutical industry. Previously, at Johnson & Johnson, he oversaw $3 billion in annual sales across 50 countries in Asia-Pacific, Japan and Latin America.

He has also served at Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. as president of two international groups, and in an earlier position at Eli Lilly and Co., he ran Asia-Pacific operations and directed international market planning for Brazil and Chile. In 2011 and 2012 Sartarelli capably led the WVU GERT and has played a leadership role in WVU’s Innovation Task Force.

“In moving to structure a high-performance global office, WVU is fortunate to have in our midst a proven leader who built his business career in the global marketplace,” Provost Wheatly said in announcing the appointment. “He truly understands the importance of international partnering in economic and talent development, and in an academic context.”

Dr. Michael Lastinger, associate provost for international academic affairs, said, “Zito’s broad experience, particularly in industry and commerce, bring an invaluable dimension to our enhanced approach to global engagement. Having worked with him as dean of B&E and as chair of the Global Engagement Round Table, I know that he will do much to coordinate and facilitate what we do in Academic Affairs and across the board to boost WVU’s profile among the world’s great universities.”

Dr. Chris Martin, director of international health programs for WVU’s Health Sciences Center, who also served on the GERT, welcomed Sartarelli’s appointment.

“As a dynamic leader with a wealth of international experience, Zito Sartarelli is an excellent choice for this important new role,” Martin said. “I very much look forward to working with him in furthering WVU’s goals of increased global engagement.”

Dr. David Stewart, associate vice president for international student affairs and global services, echoed that endorsement.

“Zito will bring a unique approach to the globalization of a university campus, and I look forward to working with him as we implement Goal 4 of our strategic plan,” he said.

Sartarelli earned his undergraduate degree in business administration from the Sao Paulo School of Business Administration in Brazil. He then attended Michigan State University as a Fulbright Scholar, earning an MBA and doctorate in business administration. He will assume his duties and responsibilities as chief global officer on July 1.



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