The 4-year-olds at the West Virginia University Nursery School will exhibit a family history museum at an open house on Monday, April 29 from 2-4 p.m.

According to Nursery School Director Bobbie Warash, the children began working on family history projects in October of last year. As part of the project, parents completed a family tree with interesting facts about family members. Children then decided which family member and their occupation to study for the museum that would be exhibited in April. The Nursery School is a component of WVU’s College of Education and Human Services.

The family trees include parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Some children are bringing in family traditions, recipes and artifacts, such as antique instruments, for display while others are re-enacting their personal history in a play.

“Young children have an interest in the past,” said Warash. “What child does not like to listen to a parent or grandparent talk about events that happened when they were young?”

Warash noted that children and their parents found out things about their families that they never knew. One young girl found out her grandparents once operated a candy shop in New York, where her grandfather made chocolates and her grandmother sold them.

Those who attend will learn about the histories connected to the children, including early computers, tanks from the Battle of the Bulge, a former police chief of Morgantown, pilots, Art Rooney’s Barber, Teddy Roosevelt’s cousin who loved exotic animals, a World War II Boeing designer and Texas gardening techniques. In addition, family members will be present to speak about their experiences.

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