An assistant professor in the Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at West Virginia University , is available to offer insight into face recognition and image and video processing, areas key to tracking down the Boston bombings suspects.

Thirimachos Bourlai has several years of experience in the field of computer vision and his research interests include face recognition, image and video processing, biomedical imaging, and biometric systems.

Bourlai is also founder and director of the Multispectral Imagery Lab at WVU. He can be reached at or 304.293.4326.

Three sociology professors who study crime, terrorism and its implications are also available to comment on this week’s events. They are Larry Nichols, Joshua Woods, and James Nolan.

Nichols earned his Ph.D. in sociology from Boston College and teaches courses on terrorism and constructing social problems. Nichols can be reached at 304.293.8580 or

Woods’ research has focused primarily on the social and psychological responses to terrorism and other perceived threats. He studies the social construction, political rhetoric and media coverage of terrorism, in addition to how it influences behaviors. He can be reached at 304.293.8843

Nolan teaches courses in the area of crime and social control. Before coming to WVU, Nolan worked for the FBI as a unit chief in the Crime Analysis, Research and Development Unit. Nolan can be reached at 304.293.8582 or at



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