In preparation for Earth Day this year, West Virginia University is asking how you would like to see sustainability grow at the University for years to come.

During a town hall meeting on April 18 the University will show the WVU and local communities what’s happening on the University’s campus relating to sustainability and listen to what they would like to see in the future. As WVU Sustainability Committee plans are created for the next five years, this is an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff members to share successes, provide suggestions, and learn about ways to become involved.

The event will take place from 2:30-5 p.m. in the Shenandoah Room of the Mountainlair.

The sustainability strategic plan to be shared at the town hall was developed by the WVU sustainability committee, comprised of faculty, staff, and students from across the University.

“We have been intentional in aligning our strategies to the WVU 2020 plan and bringing together individuals with experience and expertise in a wide range of sustainability topics at WVU,” said Clement Solomon, co-chair of the committee and WVU’s director of Sustainability. “Our goal is to form communities of practice who formally or informally come together and engage in a process of collective learning and knowledge sharing to further WVU sustainability.”

Since sustainable courses, programs and actions occur throughout the University, this town hall is a chance for individuals and departments to share with each other what they do and encourage partnerships for future programs and activities.

“Sustainability is deeply ingrained in many education and research programs throughout West Virginia University,” said professor Jim Anderson, director of the Environmental Research Center. “The faculty at WVU is involved with teaching numerous courses and conducting myriad research projects with a strong sustainability theme.”

He said the Education, Research, and Innovation subgroup has compiled a list of more than 20 action items related to curriculum development, research, and innovation that will help guide the Sustainability Strategic Plan for the next five years.

There will be exhibits from each of the five broad areas: education, research, and innovation; institutional stewardship; student engagement; public service and civic engagement; and communication. Attendees will have the chance to offer suggestions and ideas and learn about ways to get involved.

Be a part of the conversation online at @WVUWeCan on Twitter or at WVU Sustainability (WECAN) on Facebook.



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