On April 11 at 4:30 p.m. the Mountainlair Ballrooms will host an international tea party, referred to as the Diversi-tea. The event is sponsored by the West Virginia University of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion”:http://diversity.wvu.edu/ and offers international students a chance to share the teas of their native countries.

The Mountainlair Ballrooms will be filled with 5 tables offering tea from Afghanistan, Kenya, China, Sri Lanka and Turkey along with an array of desserts. In addition to the hot teas, cold bubble tea from Lavender Caf� will be provided.

“The Diversi-tea is an enjoyable event whereby we celebrate one aspect of the richness of our cultural diversity,” said David Fryson, WVU’s Chief Diversity Officer. “Many times something as simple as tea and can be used as an illustration of how we are a part of a world community. We invite everyone to come and participate.”

After attendees have a chance to sample the teas and desserts, there will be a brief presentation and recognition for individuals and groups that promote understanding, foster inclusion, celebrate commonalities and value difference within the diversity of our community. A skit titled “Teas Past, Teas Present” will be performed while those in attendance enjoy their tea and desserts.

Sharon Mallow, event coordinator for the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, said that the purpose of Diversi-tea is to bring people together. She said that taking the time over tea, to sit down, chat and get to know one another is an important part of a diverse community.

For more information on Diversi-tea and other diversity events at WVU, you can check out http://diversity.wvu.edu


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