West Virginia University’s Police Department has been accredited by the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, the state’s first campus to achieve this milestone and only the 35th out of 1,200 member colleges and universities.

“Accreditation requires that procedures are documented and that personnel are given clear guidance,” Chief Bob Roberts said. “It makes it easier to hire and keep qualified personnel and ensures that they receive proper training and function according to established policies and procedures.

“Accreditation also assures the university administration, faculty and staff, the community and local law enforcement of the quality of services our University Police Department provides,” he added.

WVU Vice President of Administration and Finance Narvel Weese said the University is proud of UPD’s service record.

“The safety of our students, employees and visitors has always been the department’s top priority. “Receiving IACLEA accreditation demonstrates that the department meets the highest professional standards in policies, procedures, management and training. UPD’s commitment to best practices and excellence in service is embraced from the officers on patrol and communication officers, to the administrative team, and we are very fortunate to have them serve our campus community.”

The accreditation process is voluntary and involved an on-site visit last December by a team which audited UPD’s operations and administrative functions to determine compliance with more than 200 standards.

During the visit, assessors examined all aspects of the department’s operation, management and support services. They also received comments from the campus community.

The accreditation is valid for four years, but the re-accreditation process has already begun. The department, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and moved into a new headquarters, will receive the accreditation certificate at IACLEA’s annual conference in June.

Chief Roberts thanked the administration and campus community for supporting the accreditation effort. “specifically, President Jim Clements, Vice President Weese and Associate Vice President Randy Hudak for playing a critical role in getting us our new facility and the necessary funding to make it a first class building for our department.”

“We are proud to have received this accreditation from IACLEA,” Hudak said. “This is a well known and highly-prized recognition of campus public safety excellence in the law enforcement community. We knew that we had a top-notch police force, and this award only confirms that they meet the international gold standard for their profession.

IACLEA represents more than 1,200 colleges and universities in 20 countries and provides professional support through forums, training and conferences as well as helping members find solutions and share ideas.



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