A weeklong summer program at the West Virginia University College of Law offers undergraduate students a cost-free way to experience law school.

WVU College of Law’s Summer Institute, from May 28 to June 2, immerses students in the world of law. The program focuses on the legal system and the work that lawyers do, including skills, leadership and professionalism. Students will also job-shadow a judge or lawyer.

Participants in the Summer Institute’s first week are strongly encouraged to return for a second week the following summer to focus on the law school admissions process, including preparation for the LSAT. Graduates of the Summer Institute have gone on to attend law school at WVU, Michigan and Penn State.

Summer Institute students are housed within walking distance of the College of Law at WVU’s Evansdale Residential Complex. Meals are served in the ERC cafeteria or at the College of Law. All classes are held at the College of Law and parking is provided in both locations.

To be eligible for the Summer Institute, students must be a West Virginia resident and a freshman or sophomore at a college or university in the state, or a minority freshman or sophomore at a college or university in the state, regardless of state residency. Successful applicants must also be a first-generation college student and meet socio-economic status requirements.

To apply, complete and submit the application and nomination form at law.wvu.edu/summer-law. The application deadline is Friday, Jan. 25.

For more information, contact Tina Jernigan, WVU College of Law admissions director, at (304) 293-6253 or tina.jernigan@mail.wvu.edu.



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