The West Virginia University Department of English has unveiled its new T-shirts and hoodies. The clothing displays the Department motto, Montani Semper Litterati, meaning “Mountaineers [are] Always Cultured,” printed on the back.

The motto, a homage to the motto on the West Virginia state seal (Montani Semper Liberi—Mountaineers Always Free), was selected by the entire department from a slate of more than 15 finalists, which ranged from pithy puns to quotes by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Groucho Marx. The winning motto was coined by Glenn Taylor, a second-year assistant professor of creative writing.

T-shirts are dark blue with a gold logo on the front that includes the flying WV encircled by the words English Department. Hoodies come in gray or dark blue with the flying WV over the breast and the word “English” printed down one sleeve. All display the motto on the back.

Although there are no plans to require faculty, staff and students to fly their department colors on any particular day of the week, expect to see many tenants of Colson Hall (the English Department’s home on campus) proudly displaying their allegiance to English.

T-shirts range in price from $7.50 to $12 and hoodies start at $23.90. All prices are based on size and color. Quantities are limited.

For information about purchasing a shirt or hoodie, please contact Michele Marshall at 304-293-3100 or



CONTACT: Rebecca Herod, Director of Marketing and Communication

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