WVU law school video showcases opportunities for women

A new video called "WVU Law: Creating Women Lawyers," is targeted at recruiting more female students for WVU's College of Law.

The West Virginia University College of Law wants to educate more women lawyers.

“There are a lot of misconceptions about law school that are outdated or simply inaccurate,” said Joyce McConnell, dean of the WVU College of Law. “At WVU, we are committed to dispelling these myths and creating opportunities for women.”

McConnell is one of just 25 female deans among the 202 law schools recognized by the American Bar Association. She wants women who are considering a legal career to know that they can thrive at WVU.

“Good law schools can help women succeed by offering an exceptional learning environment, beneficial mentoring, and valuable experiences,” said McConnell. “We do these things very well at WVU.”

A new video is helping McConnell make her case. In “WVU Law: Creating Women Lawyers,” women from the Class of 2012 talk about their experiences at the College of Law. The video is available at http://law.wvu.edu/news_events/2012/11/09/wvu-college-of-law-wants-more-women-lawyers or http://youtu.be/DlHwK40fkdc.

WVU has a history of creating leadership opportunities for its female law students. The college’s first female graduate was Agnes Westbrook Morrison, Class of 1895. Admitted to the West Virginia Bar, she ran a successful law practice.

More than a century later, women are still taking advantage of the opportunities at the WVU College of Law. The current and former editors of the West Virginia Law Review are Amber Moore and Jessie Reckhart, who is featured in “WVU Law: Creating Women Lawyers.” Molly Russell is president of the Student Bar Association; Katie Wilson is president of the second-year class; and Katherine Dean is president of the Marlyn E. Lugar Trial Association.

“We want women to know that going to law school at WVU and embarking on a legal career is a pathway to success — both personal and professional,” said McConnell.



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