Elliot Roth, a doctoral candidate in chemical engineering at West Virginia University, was part of a research project team that won the Bayer MaterialScience Science and Technology Award for achievement.

Roth, a native of Beverly, W.Va., served as a Bayer Scholar Intern and was part of a project team that developed a measuring method for the company’s new composite products. The Bayer Scholars are members of WVU’s Center for Extrusion-Compounding of Additives for Superior Plastics Performance, a state-of-the-art polymer engineering facility in WVU’s Department of Chemical Engineering.

“My contribution was to develop a robust, experimental method that could easily, accurately and quickly determine the concentration of certain components in the product that was being developed,” said Roth. “The product had no standard operating procedure for quantifying the components of the new composite at the pilot plant. After researching the problem and testing multiple techniques, I was able to determine, write and later test the procedure at the pilot plant with successful results.”

Roth was grateful to work with Bayer, which he said gave him, “a glimpse at the vast amount of research opportunities available in industry. I hope to use the experience and knowledge that I gained to improve my research methods and abilities as a student and in my future career as a chemical engineer.”

Said Rakesh Gupta, chair of chemical engineering, “This award demonstrates that the Bayer Scholars program is turning out to be extremely successful for our students. Not only are the scholars learning new skills during their industrial internship, they are also contributing professionally to the host company.”

Jim Mason, director of product yechnology at Bayer MaterialScience LLC, praised Roth for his contribution.

“As a science-based company, Bayer MaterialScience values the educational experience that we can offer our interns and we appreciate their contributions to the company,” Mason said.



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