West Virginia University Benjamin M. College of Engineering and Mineral Resources, in collaboration with WVU’s Career Services Center, will host its annual Engineering and Computer Science Career Fair Sept. 26-27.

The fair will be held throughout the ground floor of the Engineering Sciences Building and Mineral Resources Building on WVU’s Evansdale campus from 10 a.m- 3 p.m. It will feature more than 130 employees from a dozen-plus states. It is expected to draw more than 2,000 students in search of high-tech internships and employment with a wide range of regional and national engineering firms, energy companies, manufacturers, government agencies, safety professionals and computer scientists. Students can log into MountaineerTRAK to see a full list of employers attending and that company’s individual needs: https://www.myinterfase.com/wvu/student/.

“The networking experience you get from meeting recruiters and making a good impression is invaluable,” said Lloyd Ford, corporate relations program coordinator. “If you make a good impression, the recruiters are much more likely to remember you, even if you didn’t get that internship your freshman or sophomore year. It really can carry over.”

In addition to internships for current students and permanent employment opportunities for those approaching graduation, many companies offer cooperative education positions, which involve periods of full-time work alternating with periods of full-time study in the students field of interest.



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