Dr. Gayane Davidyan, a law professor at Moscow State University, will present “The Legal System in Modern Russia” on Wednesday, Sept. 5, at 12 p.m. in the Marilyn E. Lugar Courtroom at the West Virginia University College of Law. Admission is free and the public is invited to attend.

Davidyan will address the significant changes in the law, the judicial system and legal education that have occurred in Russia over the last 25 years. Her lecture is part of the College’s Archibald McDougall Visiting Lectureship in International Law.

Prior to becoming a law professor, Davidyan was a practicing corporate attorney and she represented the Journalist Union of Russia. She is the co-author of Fundamentals of Russian Law and Legislation of Catherine II and Fundamentals of Russian Law, a textbook for foreign students.

At Moscow State University School of Law, Davidyan teaches Introduction to the Legal Profession; History of the State and Law of Russia; and History of the State and Law of England, U.S., France and Germany. She also teaches constitutional and comparative law at the School of International Relations.

Since earning her doctorate from Moscow State in 2005, Davidyan has lectured or taught around the world, including at Regensburg University in Germany, Russian-Armenian Slavic University in Armenia, San Diego State University, Cornell University Law School and Denver University.



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CONTACT: James Jolly, College of Law