More than half of the 208 soft drink and snack vending machines at West Virginia University are being fitted with electronic card readers allowing them to accept Mountie Bounty cards; some of the machines will also be able to accept debit/credit cards, said Tim Bostonia, associate director for business development in Procurement, Contracting and Payment Services.

Mountie Bounty transactions are charged to special accounts maintained by the Student Affairs Mountaineer Card program: Debit/credit card transactions are processed through an individual card-holder’s bank, and are programmed to authorize up to $3 per transaction so more than one item can be selected for each card swipe.

Bostonia said 120 of the machines will be able to accept Mountie Bounty, with most of the rest able to accept credit/debit cards. There will still be a few machines that accept cash only because of wiring or wireless signal limitations.

Bostonia said the new technology also means that some of the machines may look dark and out of service, but are actually “asleep,” in an energy-saving mode.

The switches should be completed by the middle of the fall semester, although “it’s still a work in progress,” Bostonia said. Questions should directed to Tim Bostonia at



CONTACT: Tim Bostonia; WVU Procurement, Contracting, Payment Services