West Virginia University Provost Michele Wheatly is on her way to China to take part in the World University President’s Forum in Harbin and the 60th anniversary celebration of Northeast Forestry University.

She will be in China from July 3-15 and will renew WVU’s partnerships with Northeast Forestry University and the Chinese Academy of Forestry in Beijing. She will also host receptions for WVU alumni in Beijing, Xi-an and Shanghai.

“I am very excited to celebrate a landmark event with Northeast Forestry University,” Wheatly said. “I am also looking forward to connecting with alumni living and working in some of the most exciting cities in the world. WVU is continuing to expand our international presence through trips like this.”

Robert Jones, dean of the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences, along with two Chinese-speaking faculty members will accompany Wheatly.

The group will meet with foreign government officials and tour different areas of China on the 13-day trip.



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