The West Virginia University Police have a new home, complete with a state-of-the-art communication center, rooms to facilitate evidence processing and top-of-the-line lockers for officers.

The move to the new building at 992 Elmer Prince Drive, located near Ruby Memorial Hospital, is expected to be completed by Friday (June 15) and will house all 67 members of University Police, Chief Bob Roberts said.

“This building will operationally be more effective. Previously, we took an existing building and fitted it for our uses, but this new facility is one we’ve designed to best work for us. It’ll be a better fit all around,” Roberts said.

No University Police service interruptions to the campus community are planned during the move.

The new location will provide close access to the PRT for students, as well as remain within walking distance to Milan Puskar Stadium and the Coliseum. The building, which was purchased by WVU approximately three years ago, will be equipped with electronic locks and cameras to enhance the overall security.

“Vice President for Administration and Finance Narvel Weese committed to finding a permanent space for us, and this move will fulfill that commitment. He and Associate Vice President of Facilities and Services Randy Hudak have been integral in finding us a new home,” Roberts said.

In its 50 years on campus, University Police has operated out of several locations including an area near the Physical Plant on the Evansdale Campus, Area 1 on Willey Street, the Coliseum, Everly Street, Chestnut Ridge Road and University Avenue. Many of these moves were due to the expansion of the department, according to University Police Captain Jim Enoch.

Enoch, who has been with University Police for 43 years and will retire at the end of the month, has been around for all of the locations.

“I’ve seen seven moves, and I’m happy to see a permanent location for the department,” Enoch said.

Officer Jamie Mudge is looking forward to using the space for interviews, processing evidence, recordkeeping and communicating in a more efficient manner.

“It’s a great time for everybody to have a permanent structure and have something of our own,” Mudge said. “We’ll be more visible, and I think it’s going to be more conducive to our current positions as officers. We’re all ready to get out there, and this makes us even more excited to do our job every day.”



CONTACT: Bob Roberts, WVU Police Department

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