West Virginia University and Coca-Cola have entered into a new agreement that grants exclusive availability for Coca-Cola products across all WVU’s campuses and athletic facilities.

The five-year agreement, which takes effect this month, also provides support for several campus initiatives, including additional scholarships and sustainability programs.

“There is no other university like West Virginia University, from the rolling hills of the campuses, to the unmistakable Mountaineer fan pride, to the exceptional academic programs, WVU is unique in every way, just like Coca-Cola,” said Heather Hucks, director of sponsorships for Coca-Cola. “We couldn’t be happier to continue our partnership with the school and can’t wait to make a connection through our brand with each and every Mountaineer in the state of West Virginia.”

The agreement builds on a successful partnership that has been in place since 2002. In addition to more money for general University scholarships and sustainability, the agreement will provide support for athletics, University operations and other programs integral to improving the student experience at WVU.

Coca-Cola has agreed to allocate $50,000 to WVU over the next five years for a University sustainability program. In addition, the company will also pay $600,000 over the same time period to WVU’s general scholarship fund.

“We are truly excited to continue our working relationship with West Virginia University. We take great pride in our relationship with the Mountaineers and look forward to further growth in our partnership over many years to come,” said Burke McKinney, on-premise director for Coca-Cola.

The agreement also calls for new vending machines and fountain equipment to be installed in various locations around campuses, featuring special technology that saves substantially on electric power consumption, notifies the company if a machine is running low on product, favorite brands of choice for a location or if there is an issue with the machine. Installation of new equipment will begin during Spring Break. In addition, these machines will have the ability to accept currency, credit/debit cards and the WVU Mountie Bounty Card.

Along with new vending and fountain equipment, the vending price for 20-ounce bottles will increase by 25 cents when the new equipment is installed this spring.

“We are thrilled to continue our progressive relationship. West Virginia University is extremely valuable to our region and the growth of young people from all over the nation. Coca-Cola is proud to be a valued partner of WVU,” said Bob Mietz, region manager for Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Consolidated WV.

In addition, students will be able to participate in unique Coca-Cola promotions that will be conducted throughout campus and at WVU athletic events. Over the last few years, Coca-Cola has played a major role in the popular student-run Mountaineer Idol, sent three students to the Final Four, provided scholarships for deserving students and participated in Mountaineer Madness among many other initiatives. Students can expect to see even more Coca-Cola promotions and an elevated focus on sustainability efforts on campus over the next few years as well.

“This new agreement with Coca-Cola continues a successful and long standing relationship that will continue to benefit the students, faculty and staff of our University,” said Dan Durbin, WVU’s senior associate vice president of finance. “It encompasses new initiatives in sustainability, additional scholarships for our students and keeps these products as affordable as possible over the long term.”



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