While Saturday is typically a day off from school, future educators in West Virginia University’s Master of Arts and Certification (MA+) program bring hands-on activities to students in Upward Bound on Saturday mornings.

Reaching out to students from Clay-Battelle, Grafton and Preston high schools, the WVU students create interactive lessons in English, math, science and foreign languages as well as test preparation.

“The WVU students offer active and creative lessons as additional enrichment to students from rural West Virginia,” said Matt Anderson, MA+ Program Coordinator.

The WVU students collaborate with Upward Bound’s staff and work with approximately 25 to 30 students.

“The Upward Bound Saturday program is often the first teaching experience for the MA+ students, so it’s a win-win because they gain a unique classroom experience while being able to offer small group attention to students who need it most,” Anderson said. “Many of the students will be the first in their family to attend college and we want to make that connection to encourage them to continue their education.”

The MA+ degree is also partnered with North Marion High School’s Innovation Zone, an innovative Project Based Learning curriculum that uses group projects and real world applications for learning.

While teachers design Innovation Zone curriculum, high school students lead learning through small group initiatives like writing blogs, creating films and organizing information fairs.

“The Innovation Zone is an engaging teaching model, so working with the school offers yet another diverse experience for the MA+ students,” Anderson said. “MA+ aims to immerse our students in enriching experiences in varied classroom settings so our graduates are best prepared for any teaching environment, and these practical experiences help accomplish that.”

One of the most diverse graduate degrees at WVU, the MA+ education degree is for professionals with Bachelor’s degrees who are looking to enter the teaching field and make a positive impact on education. For more information, contact Program Coordinator Matt Anderson at 304-293-2302 or matthew.anderson@mail.wvu.edu



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