West Virginia University Extension Service will help educate community members on issues related to Marcellus Shale, a large natural gas field in the form of shale rock, and its impact on the state, through a series of educational programs.

The programs will take place in Hampshire County on Nov. 15, Lewis County on Nov. 29 and Preston County on Dec. 8.

This is the second year for the educational programs. Organizers say there’s a continued need and demand for updated information regarding the natural gas industry and its drilling.

“Marcellus Shale is one of the state’s hottest topics right now and there’s talk on every level, from small communities to legislation in Charleston,” said Jennifer Williams, director of WVU Extension’s agriculture and natural resources programs. “People are turning to our Extension agents and specialists to help them sort through the facts.”

Williams hopes the programs will do just that. Presenters include representatives from the West Virginia State Health Department, the Department of Environmental Protection and WVU Extension Service agents and specialists.

Some of the topics that will be addressed in the program include the impact of drilling on public and private water supplies, air quality rules and regulations and the state’s regulation in regards to natural gas exploration.

The program is open to the public, regardless of a person’s level of knowledge and interest concerning the oil and natural gas industry.

For more information, contact WVU Extension Service Program Coordinator Georgette Plaugher at 304-329-1391.

To learn about other programs or find out more about Extension activities, go to www.ext.wvu.edu.


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