West Virginia University student-athletes will share personal stories of motivation and inspiration with the Morgantown community at the Jerry West Room at the Coliseum on Thursday, Nov. 10 at 1 p.m.

The program, Student Athletes Speak Out, will feature student-athletes from the football, men’s basketball, wrestling and volleyball teams.

“My goal with Student Athletes Speak Out is for everyone to see what I see. I hope for the public to have a better understanding that student-athletes are people first,” said Dr. Carolyn Atkins, WVU professor of speech pathology and audiology. “The student-athletes have persevered in many cases to make it to college. Speaking gives them a face and personality. It makes them human.”

In conjunction with the course, Speaking to Communities, Atkins has encouraged student-athletes to share their stories with the public for more than two decades. The student-athletes participated in other community activities this semester, including presentations to local schools.

“The course is very hands-on and provides individual interaction between the students and I,” Atkins said. “The course requirements encourage them to step up to the plate academically.”

The speakers, listed with the title of their presentation:

Avery Williams (football), “Controlling Your Destiny”
Tommie McCune (basketball), “Dancing in the Rain”
Kari Post (volleyball), “Discovering Yourself”
Jabarie Hinds (basketball), “Finding Your Passion”
Bridget Carey (volleyball), “Spark Plug”
Aaron Brown (basketball), “Drug Abuse”
Michael Morales (wrestling), “The End of Your Arm”
Keaton Miles (basketball), “A Stamp of Legacy”
Halle Kearney (volleyball), “Not Everyone Lives”
Patrick Forsythe (basketball), “Dealing with Life’s Struggles”
Abigail Monson (volleyball), “Remember Who You Are and WHOSE You Are”



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