West Virginia University students now have a new opportunity to manage their ID card online through a new service called MyMountaineerCard.

The website, found at http://mymountaineercard.wvu.edu/, is a one-stop shop to manage their ID card with options to add Mountie Bounty electronically, check spending history, report a lost/stolen card and check for open laundry facilities online. Students can log on with their MyID username and password.

“I highly encourage every student to take advantage of this new system,” said Student Government Association Governor Ryan Campione. “If you don’t, you’re missing out on a phenomenal program that will not only make your life easier as a student but will also allow you to prepare for the future when dealing with bills, utilities and credit cards.”

Students can add money to their Mountie Bounty electronically through the system by depositing a selected amount between $1 and $500. The payment must be made via credit card, and all four major credit card types are accepted. An email receipt will provide confirmation of the purchase, and that amount will be added instantly to a student’s Mountie Bounty account.

In addition, students may invite family members and others to deposit money into their account. The student will be provided a link that can be sent through email to allow for others to deposit more money. Family members can now also deposit money without being invited through a “Guest Deposit.” A family member must know the students’ MyID username and confirm the student’s correct information before adding money.

“This is probably the most-anticipated feature, because in the past we’ve been only able to add money to a Mountie Bounty account from a machine or one of the cashiers’ offices on campus,” said Brandon Twigg, assistant director of Mountaineer Card Services. “This new option is available 24-7.”

Students can now view all of their transactions made through Mountie Bounty as well. In addition, they will be able to check the balance for meal plans. An updated number of meals will be shown along with updated totals of Meals Plus Bonus Bucks.

“Without this system, students might not have known how many meals they’ve had. Now it allows students to stay right on top of their balance, and that’s something they haven’t had the ability to do in the past,” Twigg said.

Students, faculty and staff can now deactivate their ID card if it becomes lost or stolen via the MyMountaineerCard website. If the ID is found prior to purchasing a new one, it can be instantly reactivated on the website.

In addition, MyMountaineerCard offers students several options to assist with laundry. The laundry feature on the website will allow them to check machine availability, find and reserve machines, select favorite laundry locations, check hold/wait times for machines and set notification preferences.

Students can hold up to three machines at once and reserve them for five minutes through the MyMountaineerCard system. If a students’ laundry has been in a machine for an extended period of time and is finished, it will alert the student that the laundry is completed.

The system will also send out email and/or text alert messages reminding students when certain events occur with their account. Those could include: when laundry is finished and when a Mountie Bounty account balance is less than a certain amount, among others.

Campione helped finalize the MyMountaineerCard. Through a partnership with WVU Card Services, Campione put together a focus group.

The focus group was granted access to the website and its features and participated in a two-part survey over four weeks for feedback. Campione then put together a 15-page report on the responses.

“We had a lot of positive feedback, and we wanted to make sure that students were involved in this process, because it’s for the students,” Twigg said.

MyMountaineerCard can be accessed on smart phones, and a specific app for smart phones is expected to be completed by the start of the spring semester, Twigg said.

Users have a chance to earn $25 in Mountie Bounty or an iTunes gift card by logging in and agreeing to the terms and conditions of MyMountaineerCard.

For more information on MyMountaineerCard including frequently asked questions and tutorials, check out http://wvucard.wvu.edu/.



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