In a moment you can feel the switch in perspective.

All of a sudden you are in love.

You have discovered.

You have seen.

You’ve belonged.

Growth can happen in one moment or many, but we’ve all been there. As Mountaineers, our moments show who we are. They show our struggles, our triumphs, our complete history.

The latest edition of the West Virginia University Alumni Magazine delves into the moments that have made WVU’s history using an interactive timeline where any Mountaineer can add their moments at WVU.

A lighthearted video asks professors, staff, students and alums to share the moments they became Mountaineers. And an online photo mosaic allows you to submit your picture as part of a landscape of Mountaineers

The online magazine also highlights how WVU’s students are using their time to benefit the world and how research is changing what we know about the world.

But WVU is also re-imagining what it means to be a land-grant University in the 21st century, so we gather the thoughts of the leaders of higher education in the country and at WVU to show where we’re headed.

Our history wouldn’t be complete without you. Add your moments at and follow WVU on Facebook by searching West Virginia University Mountaineers, on Twitter @WestVirginiaU, on YouTube at West VirginiaU and by checking in on FourSquare.



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