West Virginia University director of the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance has been asked to be a key presenter at a Clemson University presidential colloquium on ethics.

Dan Vasgird, Ph.D., will present a lecture titled “Science and the Global Public: The Importance of Integrity to the Social Contract” on Nov. 1 in Clemson University’s Lee Hall Auditorium.

According to Clemson University, the aim of the presidential colloquium is to provide opportunities for Clemson students and faculty, as well as members of the community to come together to explore important issues. The colloquium comprises various events spread over the academic year including speakers, theatrical performances, panel discussions, and films. In every case, the event is linked to the colloquium theme, which is selected with an eye to its integration “across the curriculum.”

The theme of this year’s presidential colloquium, “Bringing Ethics Into Focus,” is part of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Rutland Institute for Ethics.

“Integrity and responsibility are words with profound implications, especially for those who participate in the global community of science,” Vasgird explained in framing his topic. “They cut across time and culture, and yet their fruition in the guise of an ethical lifestyle depends on one’s ability to conceive an ideal, aspire to it, and abide by its dictates to the best of one’s ability.”

He said science generally flourishes when the public supports it.

“The public has a hope for future knowledge and security and generally depends on science and research to provide the ways and means to that goal,” he said. “Every effort must be made to bolster the invaluable commodities of respect and trust. Realizing that we live in a more demanding and competitive era, the nurturing of research integrity for research institutions has become a forthright rather than presumed endeavor. This presentation will review the evolution of thought, interest and techniques related to the responsible conduct of research over the last half century.”

Vasgird received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of California. He earned his doctorate degree in social psychology at Syracuse University. He later returned to do an NIMH post-doctoral research fellowship at Berkeley and then worked overseas as a human services educator and consultant for the federal government.

He is currently director of the Office of Research Integrity and Compliance at WVU and an associate professor in the WVU Department of Community Medicine. The mission of WVU’s ORIC is to foster a culture of integrity within the University directed at ensuring that participants in the WVU research enterprise internalize and pursue the goal of self-directed responsible conduct of research.

Vasgird has operational responsibility for all research integrity and compliance elements within the University. A primary focus of ORIC is to offer central advisory and educational RCR support to aid each department and school within the University in developing highly visible and effective research integrity awareness and commitment.

He was a lecturer at Columbia University’s School of Public Health and an associate professor in the Department of Preventive Medicine and Community Health at SUNY Downstate Health Sciences Center.

He is the chair of the International Society of Research Administrators’ RCR Special Interest Group, participates in a number of NIH peer review panels dealing with research ethics issues, and is a member of the CITI Development Group and also its executive advisory committee focusing on RCR issues. Formerly he directed the Office for Responsible Conduct of Research for Columbia University and the Office of Research Conduct for the City University of New York.

Vasgird has written and presented extensively in the areas of research ethics and human research protection. For over a decade, Vasgird was the IRB chair and health research training program director for the New York City Department of Health where he was also responsible for distance learning development among other education and training duties.



CONTACT: Daniel Vasgird, WVU director of Office of Research Integrity and Compliance

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