About 200 engineers from across the country are gathered at West Virginia University through Thursday for the Fall Technical Conference of the American Society for Mechanical Engineers, Internal Combustion Engine Division.

The conference features a workshop by WVU’s Center for Alternative Fuels, Engines, and Emissions on “Advances in Tailpipe Sensors: Research and Development” featuring an international roster of speakers.

Dr. Alberto Ayala, chief of the monitoring and laboratory division of the California Environmental Protection Agency, will deliver the workshop’s opening address, “Motor Vehicle Emissions Reductions for Meeting Environmental Goals.” Ayala is Chief of the Monitoring and Laboratory Division with California EPA.

The workshop is coordinated by Mridul Gautam, associate vice president for research and economic development, and professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

The conference will feature 100 technical papers presented by leading researchers, a panel comprising leading alternative fuel researchers discussing the impact on internal combustion engines and presentations delivered by three undergraduate student engine enthusiasts who competed in an international competition in order to attend and participate in the conference.

The conference will also include technical tours of CAFEE’s laboratories on the WVU campus.


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