A 5.9 earthquake centered in Virginia was felt in Morgantown today (Aug. 23) around 2 p.m., however no damage was reported. The tremors set off some building fire alarms, resulting in temporary evacuation of some buildings at WVU.

Local emergency officials said there is potential for more aftershocks over the next couple hours that could be felt in the area, although damage is unlikely. However, officials advise that if damage is spotted, or there is a odor of gas, you should evacuate and all 304-293-2677 (University Police) or 911.

The University activated its emergency alert system to inform the campus of the quake, that there was no immediate threat and that it was safe to return to evacuated buildings if alarms had ceased.

Director of Housing Corey Farris said no dormitories were evacuated and there were no reports of cracks or structural damage.

The WVU Extension Service also posted information about earthquakes to its website.