The West Virginia University Bookstore is hoping to cut students’ textbook costs through digital textbooks.

The WVU Bookstore is offering hundreds of ebooks and etextbooks through NOOK Study and Barnes & Noble, which could save students up to 60 percent off the print price.

“You can literally buy a digital text book Sunday night, and be reading through it that night for an assignment or test the next day,” said Bookstore Manager David Lang. “This is really the way the textbook industry is going, and we’re bringing WVU what’s next in textbook technology.”

The application can be downloaded on both desktop and laptop computers with either Mac or Windows operating systems. According to Lang, there have been more than 1 million downloads of NOOK Study. Students at more than 5,000 colleges use NOOK Study ebooks. The WVU Bookstore began offering this option last August.

“We think more students will turn to online textbooks. We don’t necessarily believe that 100 percent of students will jump this way in five years, but the business is definitely changing,” Lang said.

These textbooks are full reproductions of the print textbook and many titles may be rented or purchased. Thousands of titles are also available in a seven-day free trial for those students who want to try before they buy. For rentals, the book will be available on NOOK Study for 180 days or 360 days.

NOOK Study provides many options for students to increase their organization while studying. Students can open two books at once, write notes, highlight, search key words and click online links among other features. Depending on the textbook’s publisher, there are some books that offer a text-to-speech feature. It is also possible to print a limited amount of pages per month from each book.

“If a professor sends you notes through email, you can load them into the folder on Nook Study,” Lang said. “It’s a good digital textbook reading and studying application.”

Students have the option of buying NOOK Study textbooks online at the WVU Bookstore’s website: In addition, students can purchase these online books in person at the bookstore and are available on the shelves next to the traditional, printed copies. When checking out at the bookstore, an access code will be given to students to be able to download the book to the NOOK Study application on their computers.

Lang encourages students to at least try the seven-day free trial of NOOK Study to see the other options available to students outside of the traditional book.

“As students become more comfortable with technology on their own, they will eventually try an online textbook,” Lang said.

In addition, the WVU Bookstore has all of the traditional options available to students when purchasing books for the upcoming fall semester.

Students can also rent some textbooks through a program that started last year. Lang said that in the second year of the WVU Bookstore’s rental program nearly one-third of the University’s booklist can be rented.

The Bookstore will be open on Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for students who want to pick up books. Lang said for those students that haven’t pre-ordered their textbooks to do so at least two days prior to when they would need them to allow his staff adequate time to organize and pack books.

Lang said those students who have already requested textbooks received emails for pick-up instructions.

“We’ll have a full staff available to help students pick up their books or to answer any questions students may have prior to purchasing textbooks,” Lang said.

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