Students can go online, off-campus or around the world this summer with more than 1,500 courses at West Virginia University. The summer term allows students and faculty to design a flexible schedule with nine different length options.

“We have one summer term but many options for students who want to work, travel, or go home for the summer,” said Sue Day-Perroots, dean of Extended Learning and Summer Session. “The faculty have become quite creative both in terms of courses and course delivery.”

Online courses have become very popular every summer. This year WVU is offering more than 400 sections of online classes including many that enable students to earn a minor in the summer. There are hundreds of on-campus courses, especially general education courses, required in all majors.

Some of the other offerings this summer include:

  • Barley to Beer: This course, taught, in a local brew pub, examines beer-making as well as many of the social issues surrounding alcohol.
  • African-American Sport History: This online course uses film to capture some of the most exciting moment in sport.
  • Introduction to Mound Cultures: This course combines online learning with travel to mounds in West Virginia for a unique classroom experience.
  • Photography in Jackson Hole, WY: Students learn in the art of photography in one of the most beautiful places in the country.
  • Desigeno Italia: Design students spend two weeks in Tuscany and two weeks in Milan.

Students are encouraged to register early, but they will be able to register all summer when classes aren’t full. The term begins May 16, and new classes begin almost every week during the 12-week session, with some lasting one week or as many as 12.

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