After two weeks of campaigning, students vying for positions in the West Virginia University Student Government Association 2011-2012 term will have to wait a little longer for results.

At the event originally scheduled for the official announcement of the election winners on Thursday (April 7), SGA’s elections co-chair Tasha Frazie announced that the validity of the results had not yet been certified.

“As a result of multiple complaints and issues brought to the attention of the elections chairs, we are unable to announce the elections results at this time,” Frazie said.

“In order to preserve the integrity of the 2011 SGA elections, more time is needed to confirm or reject the validity of the complaints. Due to the sensitivity and the confidentiality of this matter, we are unable to release any further information at this time. Again, we assure you that this decision has been made with the utmost respect and consideration for all the election participants, and assure you that the preservation of the validity of the election will be exerted with the utmost priority.”

Members of both parties expressed their respect and gratitude for the decision to postpone having been made.

Jason Bailey, presidential candidate from the Fusion Party, said that he believes it is imperative for the judicial board to investigate any complaints, which will result in restoring the confidence of the student body in the election process.

“Like everyone, we are disappointed that we do not know the outcome of the race after all the time and energy that so many people put into this race. We thank each and every one of them,” Bailey said. “Many members of our ticket had friends and family in for the occasion, my sister was in from St. Louis.

“But whether the results are announced today or next week, the Fusion Party is confident of the integrity of the campaign we ran. We believe that we are the best candidates to represent the interests of the students in the years to come.”

Daniel Brummage, presidential candidate from the Pirate Party, said the announcement was disheartening, but absolutely necessary.

“This has been an astounding election – and has renewed my commitment to the very reason we on the Pirate Party ran for these offices in the first place – to have the backbone to do what’s right for the student body,” Brummage said. “Every student deserves their vote to count. One thing is certain: I’ll do all and everything I can to make sure the next representatives of the student body are elected in a process that is completely honest, well managed, and fair to the students. Those who’ve worked so hard to legitimately support Joe and I and Jason and Megan and all candidates deserve that.”

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