Thomas Wilson, a professor of geophysics in West Virginia University’s Department of Geology and Geography, is available for expert commentary on the earthquake that struck Japan March 11.

Wilson, who earned bachelor’s, masters and doctorates from WVU, has collaborated with the Geological Survey of Japan and served as a Faculty Fellow with the Pacific Northwest National Labs.

Before coming to WVU as a professor, he served as senior geophysicist and then senior petroleum physicist for Exxon Company USA for three years. At WVU, he has taught such courses as environmental and exploration geophysics, geomathematics and fracture modeling.

Wilson’s research interests focus on scaling issues associated with seismotectonic processes and fracture and active fault systems, and over 30 of his research papers have been published in peer-reviewed journals. It was during the pursuit of this research, that he worked with the Geological Survey of Japan as well as the University of Istanbul



CONTACT: Thomas Wilson, WVU Department of Geology and Geography

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