West Virginia University students don’t have to look far to find information on scheduling, courses, majors and other requirements.

All of that information and more is easily accessible on the new Undergraduate Advising Services Center website, found at http://advising.wvu.edu .

“We wanted to connect more with students,” said Alexandra Burns, developmental advising specialist and manager of the website. “They hear all the information that is on the website from their advisors, but now when they leave us they have something to refer back to.”

The site has eight tabs where students can find everything they need on academic planning including majors, minors, general education requirements and even a GPA calculator.

Students can obtain information on registration requirements and procedures, and plan out their schedules. The “Campus Lingo” tab provides students with a glossary of common advising terms and their definitions to help minimize scheduling confusion.

It also has an interactive map to help students find their way to the office, and a place for video messages.

One of Burns’ favorite features is the major generator. The generator shows up near the bottom of the page, and each time the page is opened it showcases another major the center advises.

“If there is a student that is undecided they will see this, and it might spark something,” she said.

Using the “Our Advisors” tab, students can research advisors before they visit the center and find one that might be able to answer their questions best. Students can also ask general questions from home with the “Ask an Advisor” feature.

Students who need quick access to the freshman advising handbook can download it directly from the site, and view the presentation slides that were presented to them during their mandatory advising meeting.

Burns said the website will be continuously updated with new information, and in the future she hopes to add additional features including an advising game.

“It is off to a really good start and we are working on making it even better,” she said.

To view the website, visit http://advising.wvu.edu .



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