Beginning Jan. 2 West Virginia University’s WELL WVU will no longer give laboratory test or x-ray results over the phone.

WELL WVU is encouraging all students to register for the online site, “My WVU Chart,” to receive laboratory tests remotely.

All labs that are done through United Medical Laboratories will have results available at this site. All a student needs to register is internet access and an e-mail.

WELL WVU providers will give out an instruction brochure at the time of a student’s visit, or they can obtain the information online at .

WELL WVU Student Health medical records, labs sent to the state or completed in the WELL WVU Student Health laboratory will not be available at this site. The student’s provider will indicate how these results can be received.

Anyone who needs further assistance regarding their test results can schedule an appointment by calling 304-293-2311.


CONTACT: Colleen Harshbarger, WELL WVU