Attending a large university can be an intimidating experience, especially if you’re the first in your family to go to college, or a member of a minority on campus, or from a small town or school.

And if all of those apply, statistics show it’s challenging for you to stay at that school.

West Virginia University is committed to improving the retention of all of its students, but especially those who face extra obstacles. One of its retention tools is Academic STARS, a two-year-old program for African-American students that is run by the Center for Black Culture and Research at WVU.

Before they even arrive on campus, STARS immerses students in campus life, helps instill excellent study habits and helps them build community.

This kind of personal attention helps keep students connected and in college.

Just ask Brent McCoy, Brandon Truiett, Terina McDowell, Kirsten Minor and Parissa Rogers.

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CONTACT: Marjorie Fuller, director, Center for Black Culture and Research

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