West Virginia University student Will Stout likes to “play” other people, especially those from different cultures and backgrounds. In the spring semester, Stout will get to experience first-hand what it is like to “play the part” in another culture.

Stout, a sophomore theatre student from Elkins, will be studying acting at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston, England.

“I hope to broaden my understanding of the world,” he said. “Currently my circle of perception is the United States. By going to England, I will have the opportunity to experience not only England but other countries as well.”

Stout will be taking both classical and contemporary acting courses, as well as courses in voice and movement.

Out of the many study abroad programs to choose from at WVU, Stout chose the International Student Exchange Program.

The program provides college students with affordable study abroad opportunities by allowing the student to switch places with an international student from one of more than 50 host institutions. Students enrolled in this program pay the same tuition that they pay to attend WVU.

“This was the most financially sound option for me to study abroad,” Stout said. “I also had the option to choose from more than 50 different schools, which made it very personal for me.”

Stout has been in West Virginia his whole life, and he is excited to start fresh in a new setting.

“I’m nervous about being alone in a new place, but if I don’t over think it, I know I’ll be fine,” Stout said. “I can’t ever think to myself, ‘my parents are 2,000 miles away,’ I just have to take everything a step at a time. It’s very exciting.”

After spending the spring semester and possibly the summer in England, Stout will return to WVU to continue his acting studies through the Bachelor of Fine Arts program.

To learn more about the ISEP program, visit http://isep.org.


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