West Virginia University’s WELL WVU has completed its first semester with the AlcoholEdu program.

WVU implemented the newly purchased online alcohol education course as part of WELL WVU’s comprehensive alcohol prevention program. All incoming freshman and transfer students under the age of 21 were required to complete the two part program.

“The goal of AlcoholEdu is to help students build baseline knowledge, motivate action and support decisions by allowing students to set goals for themselves,” said Colleen Harshbarger, director of wellness and health promotion.

Out of the 5,554 students required to complete part one of the program, only 291 did not. All students who completed part one were entered into a raffle, 50 of which were awarded a $25 gift card to Barnes and Noble.

Part one of AlcoholEdu took students about two-and-a-half hours to complete and consisted of three different modules. Students had to complete a 150 question survey based on their drinking patterns, learn educational material related to the effects of alcohol and take an exam to test what they had learned. The student must have received a grade of 70 percent.

Once students completed part one, they had to wait 45 days to access part two. This allowed the students to see if their drinking patterns have changed since coming to WVU. Part two took roughly 20 minutes to complete and consisted of the same 150 question survey.

All of the 4,485 students who completed Part two were entered in a raffle to win an Apple iPad. Freshman Max Colton was selected as the winner.

WELL WVU would like to thank all of the new students who took their time to participate in this new program and complete AlcoholEdu, Harshbarger said.



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