West Virginia University’s new time management system, MyTime, will be officially implemented starting Sunday (Nov. 21).

“Lessons learned during parallel testing and accommodations made to the system provide assurances that the system has the functionality needed to ensure employees will be paid for hours worked,” said Narvel Weese, vice president for administration and finance. “In order to be fair to our employees and to comply with federal and state laws, we need to pay overtime eligible employees for the hours worked and at the appropriate pay rate.”

Employees will use the MyTime system to record their work time and request leave. It will be available online at http://MyAccess.wvu.edu .

The system has been in the testing phase since Sept. 19, and Weese said there has been ample time for employees to be trained and for any implementation problems to be addressed.

“It is now time to do the right thing,” he said.

A help center and help line will be available from Nov. 22 to Dec. 6 to assist employees and supervisors with correcting any problems. The center will be located in room 4106 of One Waterfront Place. To reach the help line, employees should call 304-293-4444 option 5.

While few problems are anticipated, Weese said, the system’s punches and approvals will be monitored to assure that no employee’s paycheck is adversely affected. The check replacement fund is also being temporarily increased to address any issues that may occur over the holidays.

After reviewing several ideas and concerns, Weese and his team are working on five improvements to the current system. The improvements include: allowing supervisors to delegate approval authority and to add a pending transaction alert notice; mobile technology; the ability to earn compensatory time off; and the ability to pay employees on a biweekly basis, which requires action by the West Virginia Legislature.

In preparation for the implementation of the system, there are several important items and dates for employees to be aware of:

  • Physical time clocks should continue to be used throughout the implementation process.
  • The MyTime web clock will be unavailable through Nov. 15. Starting on Nov. 16 at 12:01 a.m. the web clock will be back online. Employees should again begin to clock into the web clocks to validate their access to the new system. If an employee experiences problems accessing either the physical time clock or the MyTime web clock, they should contact the help center at 304-293-4444. Employees should not stop clocking into Kronos until notified.
  • Leave should continue to be entered and approved in both Kronos and the current leave system until Nov. 20. Starting on Nov. 21, all leave should be entered and approved only in the new MyTime leave system.
  • On Nov. 21, balances in the new leave system will be Nov 1 (Nov. 1-15) balances, including Nov. 15 accruals, minus leaves taken and approved in the classic leave system for Nov. 16-20.
  • Nov. 21 at 12:01 a.m. the MyTime system will be fully functional and in production. The Kronos system and the classic leave system will be closed for data entry. The classic leave request system will be “view-only” beginning Nov. 21.

Additional hands-on training sessions have been opened across campus. To sign up for training, visit http://myaccesshelp.wvu.edu .

For more information, visit http://myaccess.wvu.edu/ .



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