The West Virginia University Symphonic Band will present a concert at the Creative Arts Center, Tuesday, Nov. 9, at 7:30 p.m. in the Lyell B. Concert Theatre.

Conductors include John Hendricks III, Dearl J. Drury, Christopher J. Nichter and Allen P. Health.

Works on the program will be:

“The Hounds of Spring” by Alfred Reed, a concert overture that attempts to capture the youthful jauntiness and the innocence of tender love found in an 1865 English Victorian era poem.

“Mass” from “La Fiesta Mexicana” by H. Owen Reed, the composer’s best-known and most widely performed work, based upon Aztec, Roman Catholic, mariachi and other Mexican musical styles.

“A Moorside Suite” by Gustav Holst, which was composed later in his life and achieves a synthesis of Holst’s creative talent as a composer with the strong folk-song influence of his earlier works.

“Cambrian Explosion” by Richard Saucedo, a fast-paced and powerful work inspired by the Cambrian period of our planet’s history 500 million years ago when an explosion of plant and animal diversity evolved into many of the complex life forms familiar today.

“Homage: Three Tapestries” by David Holsinger, which is the composer’s musical tribute to wind band composer Vaclav Nehlybel.

“The Pathfinder of Panama “by John Philip Sousa, was composed in 1915 and dedicated to the Panama Canal and the Panama-Pacific Exposition in San Francisco, where the Sousa Band played a nine-week engagement.

“Prairiesong” by Carl Strommen, in which the sounds of the American Midwest can be heard as beautiful melodic fragments, both slow and fast, shifting from section to section.

The Symphonic Band is an ensemble of approximately 60 members, which is open to both music and non-music majors. Membership is through audition and the students learn and perform standard and modern concert literature.

For tickets, contact the WVU Box Office at (304) 293-SHOW.


CONTACT: Charlene Lattea, College of Creative Arts

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