Today Karilynn Galiotos is sitting in class with her peers, but not long ago she was working alongside cable network anchors Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie helping them prepare for “The Daily Rundown” on MSNBC TV.

Galiotos, a broadcast news senior from Evans City, Pa., who interned for NBC News in Washington, D.C., this summer, is one of many WVU School of Journalism students who have shined on the national journalism stage with high-profile internships.

“I worked with some of the best journalists in the business,” said Galiotos. “Being there gave me an idea of what to strive for?of what I need to do to improve myself as a journalist.”

Galiotos said her internship at NBC was very hands on. As a general assignment intern, her duties varied. She pitched news stories, assisted with live shots and transcribed interviews. She even had the opportunity to shoot, write and edit a video news package.

But, she said, her most rewarding experience was compiling research for “The Daily Rundown.”

“It was really cool for me,” said Galiotos. “The information I was looking up and giving to producers was going directly out on the air waves.”

Like other students at WVU, Galiotos has felt the impact of having Mountaineer connections.

Galiotos landed her internship at NBC News by networking with School of Journalism alumnus Jason Neal (BSJ, 1999), who works in Engineering Services at NBC News in Washington, D.C. Galiotos says she appreciates how alumni are willing to help and mentor current students.

“Relationships mean absolutely everything in this business,” said Galiotos. “You rarely get a good job unless you know somebody. I know I have been helped by alumni and even upperclassmen who are now alumni. I owe everything to them. I can’t wait until I can pay that forward.”

Whether through the School’s alumni or finding opportunities on their own, several other School of Journalism students benefited from large market internships this summer.

Two news-editorial seniors made their mark in the nation’s capital. Candace Nelson of Wellsburg and Samantha Cossick of Bobtown, Pa., both interned at USA Today, while advertising senior Olivia Clepper of Alexandria, Va., worked at National Geographic Magazine. Master’s degree candidate Boya Xu from Beijing and broadcast news senior Amina McWilliams of Morgantown interned at CBS News in Washington, D.C.

Several other students held positions in metropolitan areas beyond D.C. Broadcast news senior Jeff Travis of Wilmington, Del., interned with FOX News in New York and Paul King of Wellington, Ohio, interned for the Cleveland Cavaliers in Cleveland. Public relations senior Keisha Benton of St. Louis spent her summer working at Paramount in Los Angeles.

Students say that internships will give them a leg up when searching for permanent jobs in the changing media industry.

“My experience at NBC News Washington Bureau will help me with my career in journalism because I got a chance to see the day to day operations of one of the best news outlets in the world,” said Galiotos. “I was able to experience a fast-paced newsroom firsthand and learn what it takes to achieve quality reporting. Because of my internship, I now have more defined goals of what I want to achieve during my career.”



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