West Virginia University Associate Professor of Geography Brent McCusker is an expert on global development.

He has served as a geography professor at WVU since 2001. Prior to that, he taught in South Africa.

He has been the author of numerous published works on topics including climate change, the political economy of nature and land reform.

McCusker has served as chair of the Developing Areas Specialty Group Conference Committee for the Association of American Geographers, and was the state representative for the Southeast Division of the Association of American Geographers.

He has taught classes on world regions, geography of Africa, geography of the Middle East and geographic information systems, among other things.

To view McCusker’s complete curriculum vitae, visit http://www.geo.wvu.edu/~bmccusker/cv.pdf .

He can be reached by phone or e-mail.


CONTACT: Brent McCusker, Department of Geology and Geography
304-293-4025, Brent.McCusker@mail.wvu.edu