Students in West Virginia University residence halls will compete for the title of “best hall on campus” in the University’s annual Campus Cup.

The competition will begin on Monday, Sept. 20 and end on Friday, Sept. 24.

“The events provide an opportunity for all residence hall students on campus to come together and represent the hall as a team and exemplify sportsmanship through competition,” said Alicia Moore, assistant director of WVU Residential Education. “In doing so, the most important thing will not be to win, but to gain respect by competing well. It is also a great chance for students to meet other students that live in the residence halls.”

From tug o’ war and a scavenger hunt to a basketball tournament and soccer shootout, the competition has events for every student.

The competition will kick off with an opening ceremony at 6 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 20 on the Mountainlair Plaza. Each hall will do a skit based on their team’s theme at the event. A tug o’ war competition will follow.

“The opening night is always full of energy and each team is highly motivated,” Moore said. “Each team does something original and plays music of their choice.”

Generally 500-700 students participate in the competition, Moore said.

The winning hall will be featured on a plaque that is hung in the main Residential Education office, and they will get to display the Campus Cup – which is passed down each year – until next year’s competition.

The 2010 Campus Cup schedule is as follows:

Monday, Sept. 20:

• Opening Ceremony and tug o’war competition, 6 p.m., Mountainlair Plaza

Tuesday, Sept. 21:

• Health and Wellness Scavenger Hunt, 6 p.m., Core Arboretum
• Punt, Pass and Kick, 6 p.m., WVU Track

Wednesday, Sept. 22:

• Basketball Shootout, 6 p.m., Evansdale Residential Complex basketball court
• Cornhole Tournament, 6 p.m., Evansdale Residential Complex tennis court

Thursday, Sept. 23:

• Soccer Shootout, 6 p.m., Mountainlair Plaza
• Water Balloon Over/Under, 6 p.m., Mountainlair Plaza
• Dizzy Dash, 6 p.m., Mountainlair Plaza

Friday, Sept. 24:

• Evansdale Health and Wellness Walk, 6 p.m., meet behind Evansdale Residential Complex

In addition to the various events, a supply drive will be held to benefit the Bartlett House. Each hall will be given a list of pre-approved items to collect for donation.

Closing ceremonies will take place at 8 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 4 in the Blue and Gold rooms of the Evansdale Residential Complex.

A list of rules for the competition will be provided to each hall’s residential advisors. Students can sign up by talking with their hall’s wellness coordinator or stopping by the main desk. Students who do not wish to participate are welcome to attend and cheer on their team.

For more information, contact the Residential Education office at 304-293-4686.