West Virginia University students have the opportunity to earn six credits while exploring in the opposite side of the world.

WVU’s Adventure Patagonia Winter Break study abroad program is a 15-day exploration of the Ays�n region of Chile, in the wild and mysterious area of the southern hemisphere known as “Patagonia.”

The trip will take place from Dec. 26 to Jan. 9.

The landscape of Patagonia is filled with glaciers, old-growth beech forests and lakes. Students will have the opportunity to go fly-fishing, mountain trekking and eat traditional Patagonian food, all while learning about leadership and sustainable development.

“It will be summer when we arrive for an adventure filled with new experiences. We’ll be immersed in the unique traditions of life in Ays�n with plenty of chances for cultural exchange,” said Forrest Schwartz, program coordinator. “It doesn’t matter if students speak Spanish, as long as they have an adventurous spirit they will fit in.”

Conservation International has deemed Patagonia a “biodiversity hotspot.” It is one of the richest and most threatened reservoirs of plant and animal life on earth.

During the trip, students will learn proven methods for expedition planning and management, which will assist with the protection of endangered plants and animals and take some pressure off the reserve.

The six-credit course is cross-listed in leadership studies and parks, recreation and tourism resources. It is being offered by the Mountaineer Adventure Program and the Office of International Programs.

To download an application, visit www.adventureinternational.wvu.edu/patagonia .

For more information, contact Schwartz at FGSchwartz@mail.wvu.edu or 304-293-8503.



CONTACT: Forrest Schwartz, Adventure WV
304-293-8503, FGSchwartz@mail.wvu.edu