West Virginia University graphic design professor Chris Barr has developed a new website to give West Virginia artists, designers and other creative professionals a centralized location to showcase their work.

Artfulwv.com was also designed to help build a more cohesive arts community in the state.

“With the size of West Virginia, we have an opportunity and need to connect the entire state as a single community,” Barr said. “Artfulwv.com gives those involved in cultural production the tools to connect with their peers and find new audiences.”

Through a Facebook-like interface, creative individuals and groups can upload portfolios of their work and information about upcoming arts events, as well as opportunities for jobs and internships, calls-for-art and auditions. The site is free for users.

Additionally, visitors to the site can find creative professionals in their area through a searchable directory_ a feature that Barr hopes will help local businesses keep their marketing dollars in the state.

While state artists, freelancers and arts organizations maintain their own sites for their audiences, Barr said artfulwv.com could offer the breadth and variety of artistic activity happening in every nook and cranny of the state at a glance.


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