(Editor’s Note: This is an updated version to reflect official, final figures.)

West Virginia University’s sponsored research funding climbed 18 percent in fiscal year 2010, topping out at $177.7 million, an increase of more than $25 million from the previous year and a record for University research efforts, President James P. Clements announced today.

President Clements set improving support for researchers and growing the University’s research portfolio as priorities in his Fall 2009 State of the University address.

“I am so pleased with this double-digit increase in our research funding,” Dr. Clements said. “Our faculty are some of the best researchers in the country. They value academic scholarship and creativity, and it is important that WVU continues to be a leader in education and research that helps us address society’s challenges and improves lives.”

In addition to the faculty, Clements thanked the WVU Research Office, academic leaders, funding agencies and the state’s delegation in Washington for their support.

“To have this type of research success, it takes people working together for a common goal of advancing knowledge that addresses global challenges,” he said.

In particular, Clements credited U.S. Senate and House appropriations support from the late Sen. Robert C. Byrd and U.S. Rep. Alan Mollohan for funding critical energy, national defense and public safety projects at WVU.

Curt M. Peterson, vice president for research and economic development, said the depth and range of WVU research are impressive and align with areas of state, national and international needs.

“From energy research and medical breakthroughs to the origin of pulsars and oral health disparities in Appalachia, WVU’s researchers are making vital discoveries; teaching young people about those discoveries as well as how to discover more; and pushing information forward to make people’s lives better,” Dr. Peterson said. “That kind of discovery, engagement and innovation is what research is all about at the university level.”

A breakdown of federal support for 2010 by agency includes:

  • National Science Foundation, $7.2 million (up $1.6 million over last year)
  • National Institutes of Health, $36.8 million (up $13.5 million)
  • Department of Energy, $13.6 million (up $7.6 million)
  • US Department of Agriculture, $7.3 million (down $327,000)
  • Department of Defense, $2.3 million (up $1.3 million)
  • Environmental Protection Agency, $490,92 (up $209,000)
  • Department of Health and Human Services; $15.6 million (up $401,000)
  • NASA, $14.5 million (up $5.6 million)
  • Department of Justice, $8.2 million (up $3.2 million).

This support includes more than $30 million in competitive federal funding won by WVU faculty who responded to research opportunities through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Peterson said total federal competitive funding for WVU research rose nearly 86 percent – to $61 million – over the fiscal year 2009 level of $32.8 million.

“There is a huge economic development benefit from the investment in university research in addition to the knowledge for the public good that is developed,” Peterson noted. A recent study indicates that WVU and its affiliates pump $40 into the state economy for every dollar invested in its work.

For additional information about research efforts at WVU go to: http://research.wvu.edu/



CONTACT: Curt M. Peterson; Vice President, Research and Economic Development

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