Dr. Paul F. Ziemkiewicz was named director of the West Virginia Water Research Institute in 1991. The Institute has served as a statewide vehicle for water-related research since 1967.

Dr. Ziemkiewicz is a recognized expert on the issues surrounding the use and disposal of water in drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale region of the United States. His team has developed processes for reusing “frac water” used in drilling, potentially significantly lessening the environmental impact of the drilling and helping the deposit reach its potential of providing energy.

He also focuses on acid mine drainage research, watershed restoration and technology transfer programs relating to the coal mining. He has served in a regulatory capacities with government agencies, developed regulatory and R&D policy and currently serves on state and federal policy advisory committees focusing on mine reclamation and mine drainage. He serves as a peer reviewer for 12 scientific journals.

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CONTACT: Paul Ziemkiewicz, WV Water Research Institute
304-293-2867×5441; paul.ziemkiewicz@mail.wvu.edu

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