Several West Virginia University faculty and staff members are available to comment on the passing of U.S. Sen. Robert C. Byrd. They are:

  • John C. Kilwein, associate professor and department associate chair of political science, specializes in areas of policy analysis, public law and judicial politics. He can be reached at 304-293-3811 ext. 5287, or by e-mail at
  • Chris Plein, assistant dean of the Division of Public Administration, can be reached at 304-293-7974 or by e-mail at .
  • Neil Berch, associate professor of political science, specializes in areas of state politics, political behavior and economic policy. He can be reached at 412-445-3957 or by e-mail at .
  • Joyce McConnell, dean of the WVU College of Law, specializes in constitutional law. She can be reached at 304-293-3199 or by e-mail at .
  • David C. Hardesty, president emeritus and professor of law, can be reached at 304-293-8999 or by e-mail at