(ATTENTION MEDIA: A list of West Virginia University’s May graduates can be accessed through an online database at http://www.nis.wvu.edu/gradslist/. To find students from your circulation area, click on a state. West Virginia students are listed alphabetically by county. The online database is compatible with most computer systems. However, if you have problems accessing the information, contact Colleen DeHart, WVU News and Information Services, at 304-293-5507 or Colleen.Wright@mail.wvu.edu.)

Approximately 3,620 students received degrees from West Virginia University in May.

Graduates and their families were honored at ceremonies held May 14-16 across campus.

Keynote speakers included former President William J. Clinton and basketball legend Jerry West, among others.

To view the archived webcasts of the Commencement ceremonies, visit
http://commencement.wvu.edu/webcasts .

Photo, video and written coverage of the ceremonies can also be found online at http://wvutoday.wvu.edu .



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