The U.S. Census Bureau will hold a half-day conference at West Virginia University June 7 to explore data from the 2007 U.S. Economic Census and provide insight into future trends and issues that could affect the region and state.

The event is from 8:30 a.m. to noon in room 141 of WVU’s Business and Economics building (downtown campus). It is free but space is limited. Economic development officials, members of the business community, economic researchers and planners are encouraged to attend. Please register online at:

The emphasis is on West Virginia business data and its use for economic development research. Participants will have the opportunity to learn, hands on, about the data of various businesses from Census Bureau representatives.

The Economic Census provides a detailed portrait of the U.S. economy every five years, from the national to the local level. For example, data from the Economic Census might allow users to find answers to questions such as:

• How many product manufacturing establishments are there in our community?
• How are these establishments distributed across counties based on their size?
• What is the market share of your product in your region?
• Based on the region’s per capita income, in which community is the sale of your product most under-represented?

The conference is sponsored by WVU’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research. For more information, please contact Dr. Christiadi at (304) 293-1801 or


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CONTACT: Dr. Christiadi
demographer, Bureau of Business and Economic Research
(304) 293-1801

Dr. Tom S. Witt
director, Bureau of Business and Economic Research
(304) 293-7835