Summer may seem a little quieter in Morgantown with only a couple thousand students taking classes on campus, but thousands of West Virginia University students will also be taking courses online, off-campus, and around the globe.

WVU instituted a flexible summer schedule and encouraged faculty to be creative in terms of the content and delivery of classes. In addition to the many travel adventure courses, WVU offers nearly 300 online courses. There are hundreds of general education courses which are required for all students. Faculty can also be flexible with the class schedule so that classes may be 1-, 2- , 3-, 6-, 9- or 12-weeks long.

In addition to the basics _ English, math and science _ the faculty have developed a variety of topical courses that make summer fun and enlightening:

  • “Barley to Beer” explores the history and complexities of brewing in a local brewing business;
  • “The Art of Andy Warhol” focuses on the work of one of Pittsburgh’s most famous sons;
  • “The Hollywood Indian” explores Indian stereotypes in American film;
  • “Riflery” gives students the opportunity to learn to shoot with the coach of WVU’s nationally ranked rifle team;
  • “Monsters, Vampires, and Liberated Women,” takes a multidisciplinary approach to the Gothic genre in film;
  • “Great Books in Law and Politics” gives summer reading a new dimension.

“Students told us they needed more courses in a flexible format and we listened,” said Dr. Sue Day-Perroots, dean of Extended Learning and Summer Sessions. “We have nearly 1,500 courses listed on our summer schedule. They can work, travel, and still move closer to graduation.”

Students from other colleges may also take WVU classes to transfer back to their home institution.

The summer term begins May 17, and students can register throughout the summer. Visit for more information.



CONTACT: Dr. Sue Day-Perroots, Extended Learning

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