“I Dare You to Move” by Switchfoot is the song the West Virginia University Dance Team took to nationals, and not only did they move – they took first place.

“I think we won because our dance was so different from a lot of the others,” said Coach Erin Harold. “Our choreography was artistic. The judges called us refreshing and classy.”

The National Dance Alliance Collegiate Dance Championship was held in Daytona, Fl. April 7-11.

The dance team placed first in the Division 1A category with a score just over two-tenths of a point higher than second place winner University of Louisville.

The national recognition the dance team has received has made them popular with incoming students.

“Since winning at nationals, I have received e-mails from girls all across the country who are interested in joining the team,” Harold said.

The team performs regularly throughout the year during media timeouts at men’s and women’s basketball games.

This is the third year the team has competed at a national competition. The first year they finished in second place. In 2009, they finished third.

Harold has been coaching the team since September 2008. Some of the changes she initiated included holding tryouts in May, instead of late August, so that team members can practice and go to camp together throughout the summer.

The WVU Dance Team is classified as a student organization. Much of the funding they receive is from donations. They are also involved in volunteer work. In fall 2009, the girls held a dance camp in Wheeling at St. Paul’s church.

For more information, visit http://www.wvudanceteam.com .