For the month of April, West Virginia University’s WELL WVU will hold several events focusing on a healthy diet as part of Nutrition Month.

The campaign aims to empower students to change negative stereotypes about obesity in the state of West Virginia. Students are also encouraged to follow the Food Pyramid guide to healthy eating and to remember to eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables each day.

Fliers around campus detail the importance of eating a healthy diet as part of overall wellness.

Throughout the month, wellness coordinators will host a variety of programs promoting healthy eating.

Wellness coordinators are students who live in the residence halls and work in coordination with WELL WVU to present health-related programs to students.

Programs will address eating disorders and how to discern between a proper diet and excessive worry about weight and food.

For more information, visit the WELL WVU Web site at . The site features podcasts, called “Wellcasts, on how to eat on the go and how to be a health-conscious grocery shopper.

The Web site also has content on dieting, body image, reading nutrition labels, healthy eating and how to avoid gaining weight.


CONTACT: Colleen Harshbarger, WELL WVU