MyTime, West Virginia University’s improved time management system, will be deployed across the main and divisional campuses, including the Health Sciences Center, this summer, Vice President of Administration and Finance Narvel Weese says.

“We are pleased to provide the campus and our employees with this important upgrade for record keeping and payroll,” Weese said. “MyTime will provide a consistent method for nonexempt employees to record their time and will ensure that their pay is accurate and timely.”

The new system is being implemented at the recommendation of the Audit Committee of the Board of Governors to ensure compliance with various state and federal laws, including the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. The FLSA requires all employees to receive overtime compensation when they work more than 40 hours per week unless they are exempted from earning overtime by federal and state wage and hour laws.

MyTime will not change which employees are required to record their work hours and have timecards approved by supervisors prior to payroll processing. All nonexempt employees currently submit work hours for payroll using some form of timecards. Nonexempt status is determined by federal law; at WVU nonexempt employees include full-time overtime-eligible employees and all hourly employees, such as Mountaineer temps and student workers.

MyTime will standardize the method by which employees record their hours. Currently, many different systems are used for recording and approving employee work hours, including paper-based tracking. After the implementation of MyTime, most nonexempt employees will record their time electronically, and work hours will be automatically entered into the employee’s timecard for employees to view their work hours and supervisors to approve hours for payroll.

Nonexempt employees will be able to record their time using either a time clock or MyAccess (, WVU’s electronic portal to employee services. Time clocks will be distributed strategically across campus, near existing and at some additional locations.

Electronic timecards and a leave request system will be integrated with MyTime through the MyAccess portal. After logging into MyAccess, employees will be able to review and print their electronic timecard, which includes multiple assignments, overtime, leave, holidays, and edits made by their supervisor. Timecard records will remain available for 24 pay cycles.


CONTACT: Jessika Thomas, Division of Administration and Finance