West Virginia University’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America’s National Bateman Team is hosting an educational seminar for students and Morgantown residents interested in teaching people about the U.S. Census.

The seminar will be held in the Mountaineer Room in the Mountainlair on Wednesday, Feb.17 at 6:30 p.m. The Bateman Team is looking for potential spokespeople for the Every Mountaineer Counted campaign for the 2010 U.S. Census.

The seminar will serve as a resume building opportunity for students, offers community service and allows students and community members to be leaders in WVU’s campus community. The team will teach guests about the upcoming census and supply materials to disseminate throughout the campus and community.

Ron Justice, chairperson of the Complete Count Committee, will also speak on the importance of the census and leadership positions that will help spread the census message. After the seminar the team will distribute official certifications that will quality attendees to be spokespeople on behalf of the Every Mountaineer Counted campaign.

The Every Mountaineer Counted campaign is focused on educating, motivating and encouraging the WVU community and residents of Morgantown to participate in the once-a-decade U.S. Census that is coming in March.

The 10-question survey is a count of everyone residing the United States, and will affect funding decisions for WVU and Morgantown community. For more information regarding the Every Mountaineer Counted campaign visit http://everymountaineercounted.com or contact Bateman Team Captain Shay Miller with questions at wvucensus@gmail.com or at 304-532-8084.

WVU’s PRSSA chapter is one of the six founding chapters. PRSSA’s mission is to serve members by enhancing their knowledge of public relations and providing access to professional development opportunities. For more information about PRSSA, contact Chapter President Justin Hough at jhough1@mix.wvu.edu or visit their Web site at http://prssa.studentorgs.wvu.edu .



CONTACT: Shannon O’Brien, WVU’s Public Relations Student Society of America
301-801-6819, sobrien1@mix.wvu.edu